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Classic Ivory Nov. 29

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Classic Ivory Nov. 29

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There is some “unfinished business” to which Ivory has to attend. And the members of the band plan to take care of it come November 29.
Unfinished Business is actually the name of the new Ivory CD.
Two years in the making and 30 years after the iconic line-up of Franc Mosbaugh, Maxie Taylor, Philip Brennan, Andrew Bourne, Wayne Gibbs and Jimmy Duncan released its last effort, the disc features 17 new tracks that Duncan and Brennan promised would be vintage Ivory with a twist.
Duncan told the WEEKEND NATION that the name had a special significance for the band.
“Unfortunately, back in 1979, Franc (Mosbaugh) had to retire from the band as the band was on its way up,”  he explained.
“Franc developed nodes on his vocal cords and had to retire from singing for about three years for that to heal. It was as we were at the height of our creative time then and it kind of came to a very quick halt because of that,” Duncan said.
But reunion shows almost ten years later, the last of which was in 2008, showed that support was still there for the band and the idea for a new record was born.
“The band was so well received,” said Brennan, “that we thought it would be a good idea to record again. We hadn’t recorded as the original group since, I think, 1977.”
“We thought,” Duncan said, “let’s go in the studio and create something new because we never got to finish what we were doing, so it was unfinished business.”
The sound, Duncan revealed, is what those who know Ivory and love the band will appreciate.
“Musically, I think when people hear the album and the writing they will still realize this was a very creative Barbadian band that had a lot to offer and probably did not complete its mission in life,” Duncan observed.
“But we didn’t want to sound like an alternative band or a grunge band; we wanted to sound like what Ivory was all about; so we kept that very much in mind,” he noted. The supporting concert is slated for the Yacht Club on November 29 and Brennan and Duncan promised two hours of Ivory gold in addition to the new songs.

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