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BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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The venue has been announced: Grantley Adams Memorial School.?The time is from today, October 28 through Sunday 30. The event is the Annual Conference of the Barbados Labour Party, an Arena of Political Debacle.
On stage representing the Male Club is Owen Arthur with his touring band of political trumpeters Dale Loyal Deputy Marshall, George Amor Payne, Jerome In Coming Chairman Walcott and the latest recruit Clyde Looking For A Seat Mascoll.
The object is to further humiliate Mia Amor Mottley and her team of cheerleaders: Cynthia Forde, Rommel Can’t Stand Dale Marshall and Noel Plugged In Lynch.
The above sets the tone for a weekend of pure pretence and intrigue.
Owen, however, will emerge as the victor. This goodly gentleman has crafted an outcome that reaches beyond anyone’s political imagination. He has traded an ally in the person of George Payne for a friend in the person of Jerome. These two, however, have one thing in common and that is to see the back of Mia Mottley in Barbadian politics.
When the political equation [GP+JW]–MM = OA is examined what comes up clear is that all roads lead to Owen Arthur, whether you like [him] or not.  
The current undermining of a schoolmate does not even move Owen. The attempt to get rid of Rawle Eastmond before Senator Harcourt Husbands can retire him, is just another example of the actions of the anti-Mia mob, hard at work.  
At least, Maria Agard went public early and did the sympathy appeal. Kudos, gal!!!
The rank and file of the Barbados Labour Party has been hoodwinked into believing that democracy has prevailed.
Arthur’s return has been embellished with a litany of political machinations from the word go. The public tongue-lashing from the Hill regarding Mia’s leadership capacity triggered the return of Owen Arthur. The Prior Park Accord sealed the fate of her as Opposition Leader.
We have also witnessed the pre-annual conference activity where Mia tries her utmost to penetrate the male barrier that currently occupies the gate of the Barbados Labour Party. There has not been a quiet period since Mia’s push. What is clear on this side, Owen’s rush to get his agenda placed squarely at the feet of the Barbados Labour Party’s folks.
The drama that unfolded at each nomination meeting of the Barbados Labour Party tells the public that there is plenty political uneasiness on the other side.
The one good thing regarding the outcome of the political tribalism taking place on the other side is that the public has had the opportunity to see what has kept the Opposition in Government for three terms – greed. The glue that bonded arch-political enemies within the same space has been exposed for all to see.
We understand why the site was chosen as it is off the road and away from public viewing. This is a clear message that political blood will be spilled and licks will be shared over the weekend.
The public will be unable to hear from the main road when Mia starts on Owen, but we await the reports from the media of the success of the conference.