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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Thou shall not steal BBs

Reverend Errington Massiah

OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Thou shall not steal BBs

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In one of my articles some years ago, I asked the question: “Can anybody tell me what our young people are eating or drinking these days?”
Well, I will ask it again. I do wonder if they are eating sour grapes and their teeth are set on edge!
We often get news reports which tell of crimes which are committed by some of our young people, especially the males between the ages of 16 and 20.
No day goes by without them being placed before our courts for stealing chains, cellphones, (especially BlackBerrys). Work for what you want, please, and learn that you cannot have everything. May I ask what is so special about a BlackBerry?
Are we teaching our young people The Commandments? The Eighth Commandment says: “Thou shall not steal” and the tenth: “Thou shall not covet . . . .”
What is hurtful to me is that those who are placed before the courts went through our educational system. Has the educational system failed us?
I would like to appeal to all young people to think before you act. Remember that crime is a dead end.
Parents, you must spend time talking to your children, for if you don’t talk with them and provide good examples for them, you will cry for them later, because when they are taken before the court, some of them do cry and say sorry. May I remind you that too late shall be the cry?
Recently, the president of the Barbados Union of Teachers, Karen Best, at the start of Teachers’ Week made a very serious statement: that there are too many wayward children.
Why are they wayward? Many turned away from God. Few are involved in church activities, leading to a lack of a moral compass driving their behaviour.
It is very critical that all of us must put our hands to the plough and help to save our young people.