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PUDDING & SOUSE – Seeing red every month

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Seeing red  every month

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A WOMAN WHO LIVES in a housing area near The City is understandably upset with what she has been finding on her staircase every month – soiled sanitary napkins.
She wants to know who is leaving them there and why? She knows it has to be a deliberate act because her unit is at the top of the stairs.
Even the workers employed by the National Housing Corporation who clean the area are seeing red because they are the ones who have to dispose of the disgusting items.
The woman wants the person who is dumping the dirty personal items on her step to cease immediately and to understand that she should be proud to live in a housing development with such a fancy British title. Scattering soiled napkins all over the place is certainly classless.
Lured into tangled web
BAJAN MEN are being warned to beware of a group of non-national women who are going around enticing men to get money, house and land.
Pudding & Souse was reliably informed that six young women, two of whom are sisters, have made a pact to target men who have jobs, their own homes and vehicles.
They usually hang out at one of the sisters’ house in a Christ Church neighbourhood where they plan and devise their dirty schemes.
One of their victims told us that one was living at his house and he came home one day without her knowing and caught her putting black powder in his food. When he angrily confronted her, she called her gang of accomplices and they all came to attack him.
The man said they cussed him out and told him that all Bajan men were dogs. He said he had learnt his lesson and would never be fooled again by these brown-skinned women with long hair.
Fool and money parted 
AN?OLD?MAN from a rural parish is giving away his hard-earned pension to a young woman who is a security guard.
She works in the parish where he lives and seems to be getting her knowledge on deception by reading the many books she has access to.
The poor old man has now become the laughing stock of surrounding communities and even the guard is laughing all the way to the bank where she cashes his cheques. His concerned friends want him to wise up, look after his personal hygiene and stop messing around this woman who is known to be footloose and fancy free.
They say that at the rate he is giving away his pension, he may end up in a pauper’s grave.
Only she holds the key
WHY SHOULD A WOMAN be holding the keys to a house that is being repaired by Government for another? That’s what residents in a certain district are asking.
They are concerned and upset that the woman has been given so much clout over the possession of someone she does not even speak to.
To make matters worse, if the woman wants to get inside the house to inspect the work, she has to go and beg the woman holding the key to let her in.
Even officials had to summon the woman to open the door when they stopped by to tour the house not too long ago.
It seems that her claim to sudden fame is the big-up she knows well. She has been quick to let everyone know that her private possessions belong to a certain man.
However, residents are saying that if he wanted to give her a key, he should have given her the one related to his person as she is not the only woman he is giving it away to.