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Cost U Less near start-up

Eric Smith

Cost U Less near start-up

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The much talked about Cost U Less project should be breaking ground for its complex at Welches, St Thomas, before year-end.
This is the word from Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, who said on Sunday that the principals of the North American project were here last month and were ready to move ahead with the US$25 million to $30 million facility.
“They have only recently sent to me a request for concessions for Phase 2, which is the mall and other facilities which will be going up there. They have Town Planning permission and the resources to do so, and so we expect, very early next year, that once those concession packages are approved that they can go ahead and start on those projects as well.”
On the matter of the cost of living and the Democratic Labour Party’s administration promise to make this its priority and bring it down during the election campaign in the lead-up to the January 2008 General Election, Sinckler said that “all of us have had to swallow a good dose of reality”. 
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