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DLP COLUMN: Well done, Minister of Finance

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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While Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler was delivering a report card to the nation and taking questions on a myriad of economic issues, the Barbados Labour Party was discussing political interlopers.
The Opposition continue to display crass political opportunism. They pretend our country is like a house that needs a coat of paint and dries overnight. When peeled back, it is simply political opportunism which the public have already seen through.   
 Barbados’ Minister of Finance demonstrated purpose of mission in the delivery of an economic agenda update. Barbadians can feel assured that despite the global turmoil, we are recording some growth, increased revenues and reduced Government expenditure. All of this is pointing to fiscal prudence and stability.
The Minister reported, it is anticipated in 2011, the country will record a marginal growth of just over one per cent. He went on to explain “if this figure holds true, it would effectively mean that Barbados would have registered four consecutive quarters of positive growth”.
This announcement comes on the heels of statements by the Governor of the Central Bank Dr Delisle Worrell on the issue of the deficit.
He indicated “our fiscal deficit after examining the provisional data for the period April to September reveals the deficit declined from 9.5 per cent of GDP to 5.3 per cent”.  
When the deficit was inching towards 10 per cent, it was the flavour of the month for the Opposition. It’s down now and they have pulled something else from their political lucky dip of potential make believe issues.  
Of course, the Opposition never responds to progress of reduced public spending and a reduced fiscal deficit. After all, they are busy opposing for opposing sake. All of Barbados heard from the Governor of the Central Bank [except the Opposition Leader].
The journey is on to ensure the maintenance of our country’s economic stability. The comments by the Minister of Finance equated to a call for all Barbadians to get on board and play their part in Team Barbadosm, “once we pull together and fight hard to achieve the goals which your Government has set, it will definitely get better”.
The press conference served to put in perspective the truth about the efforts of the Stuart–led DLP Government.
There can be no doubt that Team DLP is on the job securing the best mix of policies to direct our economy on a path of growth. Both the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank converged on the view that soaring oil prices and imports have undermined “our national efforts to forge a full recovery programme from the economic recession”.  
These realities don’t call to the Opposition Leader, who’s grand three-term economic policies have left this Government nursing some heavy foreign debt.
Unlike, the Opposition, we have a plan with people at the centre.
We have heard of the new found brilliance of the Opposition Leader at the last annual conference but the public has seen through the Team BLP facade.
We got a full glimpse of the drama that had beholden the Opposition.
A party struck with a political illness which has led to the amputation of one its leading female pillars wants to preach about team. Amazing!

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