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Hard blow for businessman

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Hard blow for businessman

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Robert Burrowes, proprietor of Berty’s Transport Services, is angry and upset.
His excavator is out of service, all because schoolchildren allegedly smashed the glass in its cabin while it was parked at a job site at Kingston Terrace, St Michael.
Burrowes said he was called to the site by a resident and was surprised to see shattered glass and rocks in the cabin.
He said he was told the damage was done by schoolchildren.
“When they were asked to stop throwing stones, they asked the person if they didn’t throw stones when they were small,” Burrowes said.
“If I was to put a lash in one of them now, you would hear that a big man hit a child,” he complained.
Burrowes said repairs would be expensive. There are no dealers in Barbados associated with the Kamatsu manufacturers.
“These machines got to work with AC [air conditioning] so you know this machine out of service now.” (AH)

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