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Bounty cry

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Bounty cry

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In light of recent attacks on crops, president of the Barbados Agricultural society (BAS), Carlyle Brathwaite, has called for an increase in the $15 bounty on monkeys to help control the primates’ population.
He said: “I would believe that at this stage, we need to look at increasing the bounty on them with the idea of decreasing the population that we have. We would have to talk to government and see how the ministries think of it and how they are willing to work with it.”
He noted that should the monkey population continue to rise it could cause chaos islandwide. It was time some action was taken before the problem got out of control, he remarked.
“When they [the monkeys] get hungry, especially this time of the year, they are attacking whatever they can get to eat for food,” said Brathwaite.
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