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THINGS BAJAN: Green Monkey

Carol Martindale

THINGS BAJAN: Green Monkey

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During November, the month of Independence, we will be bringing readers a piece of Barbados every day. We will highlight some of this country’s history and artefacts, as well as the food, sites and scenes which all say Barbados. Today we look at the green monkey.
The Green Monkey has been in the news in recent weeks, but it has been part of this country’s history for years now.
The green monkey originated in Senegal and Gambia in West Africa. It was brought to Barbados in the early 17th century, probably as gifts to the settlers.
Latest information was that there were about 15 000 of them in Barbados. The green monkey continues to pose a serious threat to agriculture, leaving farmers across this island with ruined and damaged crops.
Since 1981 many have been trapped and exported to zoos and to scientific research centres.