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Owen eyes NIS matter

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Owen eyes NIS matter

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That’s how Opposition Leader Owen Arthur yesterday responded to reports that the Freundel Stuart Cabinet was preparing to meet in special session on Tuesday with members of the investment committee of the board of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) to discuss the controversial Four Seasons investment.
He said he was aware a report had been prepared for the investment committee and that it had advised the NIS against pumping $50 million into the stalled tourism project.
“It would seem to be a reasonable inference that the reason why Cabinet wants to meet with the committee the day before the committee is to meet to do its work is that Cabinet is aware of the report of the committee, and would want to exercise and use its influence to get the committee not to proceed in the direction in which the committee wants to go,” said Arthur, who is calling for the full NIS report to be made public. (KJ)
Full story in today’s SUNDAY SUN.