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DEAR CHRISTINE: Dumped him but I’m pregnant

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Dumped him but I’m pregnant

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Dear Christine,
I broke up with my boyfriend of two years in August because I could no longer tolerate his unfaithfulness.
During the course of our friendship I discovered that he had been unfaithful, not one or two times, but on three occasions with three different women. Each time he asked for forgiveness and I took him back. The last straw was in June.
I felt he was disrespectful and had not given the relationship a chance. One of the women he got involved with actually worked in his office.
Whenever I called and she answered the telephone, she would have something nasty to say to me. He never, at any time, defended me. Rather, he would quarrel with me for calling his office.
I can tell you lots of stories, but here’s the main beef. I had no idea when I broke up with him that I was pregnant.
I want to have this child, but I also want absolutely nothing to do with my ex. I do not want him near the child and, because of his lifestyle, I cannot see what good example he can be to this child.
I am independent, have a good-paying job and a very supportive family.
I have shared my plans with a good friend and she is of the opinion that I should not rob my child of a father.
Christine, I am sure there are hundreds, thousands and maybe millions of children out there who never knew their father for some reason or the other.
Do you think I am being a bad person by protecting my child from this monster, who cares nothing about being responsible or committed?
– W.D.
Dear W.D.,
I certainly cannot tell you what decision to make and I do not think you are a monster for desiring the best for your child.
You will have to live with the consequences of whatever decision you make. But what will you do when it comes to registering the birth of your newborn?
Also, that child will grow up curious to know his or her father. Will you be prepared to sit him or her down and tell that child the truth? That you dumped him because he was no good?
I know you may want a fresh start and you deserve a new beginning. However, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.
I advise you to think long and hard and look at all the pros and cons.
I have confidence that you will make the right choice and still be able to have a fresh start in life.