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Over to SSA

Maria Bradshaw

Over to SSA

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Two of the men who were being unofficially subcontracted by gravediggers at Westbury Cemetery to dig graves are now employed by the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA).
But instead of the $60 they were receiving from the gravediggers they are now being paid $551 a week, inclusive of a retainer fee.
The DAILY?NATION yesterday received a letter that was sent to all cemetery officers informing them that: “Management is recommending the employment of five general labourers to provide assistance to the gravediggers. When that assistance is not required, they will be required to perform other duties, including the maintenance of the chapel and keeping the cemetery clean. It is proposed to utilize two of the persons who were assisting before.”
The letter continued: “The management informed the gravediggers that it is proposed to employ persons to assist with the digging of graves and that the fees which were paid to them (gravediggers)?previously would now come through the authority . . . .”
Read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION.