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DE MARKET VENDOR: Thanks for lifting the curfew, but we still vex

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Thanks for lifting the curfew, but we still vex

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Dear Kamla,
I writing this tonight before I head to out work. First of all, thank you for lifting de curfew but my members vex like hell dat yuh had a state of emergency in de first place and a curfew to boot! Dis is de kind a nonsense we does get when we put a woman in charge, wunnah does actually want to do something.
All de years PNM was running de show life was sweet, too bad de crime business was booming, murders were up, drug use was up, we had diversified into kidnappings which was de centrepiece of we business plan, fellas like Calder Hart tek de spotlight off ah we, everybody was living good.
At election time, Pattos and he boys would mek de right noises and say how they go wrestle crime to de ground but we never ever bother wid dem ’cause we know that talk was only fuh election time and we nuse to play we part and lie low fuh de few weeks just like at Carnival time. Once dat outta de way, it was back to business.
De police didn’t bother we, in fact many of we soldiers had become members of de force, life was good, PM, until you get elect and decide to actually do something dramatic, like declare a state of emergency and impose a curfew! De state of emergency was bad enough but de curfew?
You know how much trouble dat cause, how difficult it is to run a crime organization in daylight hours only?
Right now, I not even sure I gwine get re-elect becausing my people vex wid me and I have to wear bulletproof vest and have protection wherever I go in case some upstart decide to tek me out. You do untold damage to we business, murders down, house break-ins down, drug business pun de ropes, kidnappings is de worse. You know how many empty hideout houses we have right now wid no victims to put in dem?
You have any idea how few cars we been able to hijack? Yuh virtually close down de entertainment business. You got any idea how critical dese places does be to de distribution of drugs and fuh robberies and carjackings? You tink dat what is today a thriving and legitimate business in de Bamboo coulda be what it is iffing we did not fund and set it up?
Kams, you fuh real? What de hell you tink dis is, who de hell does get elected and actually do something ’bout crime? You ain’t see dat all over de region de only business dat growing as de fellas would say, exponentially (yuh like dah word?), is crime? You ain’t see de price Brucie pay fuh going into Tivoli Gardens and handing over Dudus to de Amurcans?
What de hell you was thinking when you impose a curfew pun de boys? Woman, you nearly ruin we business; now, wid Christmas coming, we have to make up fuh lost time ’cause we got to report to we people and show growth! All over de place my people restless. Imagine police actually coming into places like Laventile, John John and pun de Beetham? I invite you to visit we website and learn more. You can visit we at Cari dot Com, the acronym fuh Crime Associations of Regional
All dis foolishness because you believe dat somebody wanted you to actually do something ’bout crime!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?