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AWRIGHT DEN – Man’s so unjust!

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN – Man’s so unjust!

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I have realized that no one tells Muslims, Rastafarians, Jews, Hindus or atheists how to live. But many people seem to have an opinion on how Christians should, especially those who are not Christians themselves, or were Christians but drifted from the faith.
The last Sunday Sun presented the article Hypocrisy Exalteth A Nation, penned by political consultant Peter Wickham and outlining his views on homosexuality.
Mr Wickham opened his article by referring to people who shared their views on the topic in a previous Sunday Sun as being biased. Here is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. It seems like Mr Wickham doesn’t realize his views are also biased.
I have heard the term “Barbados is a Christian nation” used on many occasions; and each time it baffles me. There is no clearly set definition of what a Christian nation is. As a result, many continue to share their opinions and create their own definitions, similar to what Mr Wickham did.
Some define a Christian nation as one where the majority of citizens are Christians. Another defines it as a country that is run by a Christian government. I do not believe that we are a Christian nation; I believe we are nation of religious people.
I find it quite interesting that Mr Wickham used 1 Corinthians 14:34 and 35 to address a female evangelist who spoke out against homosexuality, but seemed to have missed a few chapters before (in the same book). It states in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 10: “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Neither . . . male prostitutes nor homosexuals . . . .”
Homosexuality is not illegal in Barbados and therefore is not a crime. A crime must constitute an act, and homosexuality is not an act. Why then, are some people trying to decriminalize something that is not illegal? That makes no sense.
Chapter 154, 9 (1993) Part 1 of the Sexual Offences Act of Barbados states: “Any person who commits buggery is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction or indictment to imprisonment for life.”
Although the act does not define buggery, it is normally established by judicial precedent – and some courts define it as anal sexual intercourse between two individuals, whether it is two men or between a man and a woman.
Now, if homosexuality is not illegal, but buggery is, which is an act practised within homosexual relationships, then I am left to conclude that the real fight here is for the decriminalization of buggery.
If buggery is made legal in this country, it will clear the way for the adoption of innocent children by homosexual couples and gay marriage.
I want to encourage our leaders not to adopt a humanistic world view: one which rejects religion and faith, and constantly changes values based on human reasoning, feelings, logic, science and new social behaviour.
Without God as the supreme foundation for moral values, we are lost in a world of sociocultural relativism. Who are we then to judge that apartheid or Nazism or racism was or is wrong?
Traditionally, we have been a country that recognized, promoted and practised the moral principles of the Christian Bible and we can see some of those represented in our laws. 
 If the Lord is or has been our guide, as our National Anthem states, I would have to conclude that one of the ways he is guiding us is by His values – one
of which is the importance of family and the relationship between man and woman.
If we allow others to force us away from the foundational values that this country was built on, we will inevitably have to change the lyrics of our National Anthem, since the Lord will cease to be our guide.
 Peter Wickham ended his article with a line from a Bob Marley’s song. I will do the same: “man to man is so unjust . . . ”.
Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth youth ambassador. Email [email protected]