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DEAR CHRISTINE – Sick of sex talk at work

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Sick of sex talk at work

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Dear Christine,
I work in an office where men dominate. In fact, there are 16 employees, and five are females.
I have always considered myself the type of person who loves it when men are leaders, but at the same time I hate weak leaders.
 My problem is this: Christine, at least five of these men consider themselves studs.
They sit around all day discussing women, sex, what they did the night before, who they would love to go to bed with, and occasionally they make passes at the female staff – jokingly so, but obviously hoping to catch a fish.
Don’t talk about if a new employee joins the team! We’ve had two new female employees over the past five months and, Christine, all hell broke loose. 
Each of these men – only one is married – has been trying to see who will win the choice trophies. I am sick and fed up with their attitude towards work, their lack of respect, their boyish ways and their infidelity.
Two can easily be called playboys. The only thing they are committed to is “bedding” any woman who comes along.
The other two are supposedly in committed relationships.
Christine, employees come and go because of the low office morale.  After ten years with this company, it is hard to just leave, but while I am hoping these men will grow up, everything seems to suggest the contrary.
It gets even worse. Three of them are directors, so there is absolutely nothing anyone can do but leave if the heat in the kitchen is too hot to handle. What a pity!
– M.S.
Dear M.S.,
While you have raised some concerns, you still seem a bit “matter of fact” about the office environment.
I think the only way you will see change is if you share your concerns with the directors. Let them know how you feel about the morale. Chances are they will respect you for your honesty and seek to change their office practices.
If your talk does not help, find out if any other employees have similar concerns. If they do, band together for change. Whatever you do, make sure you are respectful to them. Understand that change will not be automatic. It may still take some time for these men to actually grow up.