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Bim, I love you!

Yvette Best

Bim, I love you!

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Barbados’ Independence celebrations in November always have a tussle with Christmas preparations for prominence, but invariably national pride wins out.
The tussle is keener this year because of the international recession but there are signs that the Bim I Love You sentiment will again come out tops by November 30, the country’s 45th birthday.
Government buildings are draped in the national colours of blue and gold, stores are pushing garments in those colours and the Bajan music on the radio stations are reminding the nation that it’s birthday time.
As the date draws near, more people don corsages and pins highlighting the national colours and emblems.
Historic Bridgetown and its environs have been aglow at night with blue and gold lights from the start of the month as well as 17 of the 28 roundabouts around the country.
 In the coming weeks schools will get in line and children will be wearing the brightly coloured blue and gold (or yellow) T-Shirts, some with the coat of arms or the trident on the left breast.
Through the efforts of the Independence Secretariat, communities across the country have been embracing the community spirit and have been decorating  parks and gardens.
Prizes will be awarded at tomorrow’s Spirit of the Nation Show at the gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex for the best parks and kitchen gardens.
The Spirit of the Nation Show is the highlight of the Community Independence Celebrations and will feature the talent from the island’s 11 parishes through their 22 ambassadors.
They will be presenting their projects and appearing in formal wear and costume. Showtime is 6 p.m.
Then on Sunday audiences will have the last of the performing artists at the LIME NIFCA Performing Arts Gala at the gymnasium at 6 p.m.
There will also be other celebrations across the country as November 30 nears and Barbadians celebrate pride in their nationhood – despite a sombre start.
After that, Christmas promotion takes centre stage.