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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Well done, Christian!

Reverend Errington Massiah

OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Well done, Christian!

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Honour your father and your mother, that thy days may be prolonged and that it may go well with thee in the land which the Lord?Thy God giveth thee. – Eighth Commandment.
I was very touched when I read the story in the last SUNDAY?SUN about how 14-year-old schoolboy Christian Henry is there for his visually impaired mother Janet Henry.
He leads her around, especially to the bus stop every day for her to take the bus to work, before he heads off to Ellerslie Secondary School.
It is very nice when he vows that he will continue to be his mother’s eyes for as long as she needs him.
This is something he has been doing since he was a little boy at the Sharon Primary School.
To me, the bond between this mother and child is unmistakably special, for there are so many children out there today who are ashamed of their parents and to be seen in public with them – this is a no-no.
I am sure that it is not easy for Christian, who constantly accompanies his mother on her shopping trips, her various appointments and other outings. Being each other’s guide remains the priority of this mother and son.
Yet he never complains. His mother is his priority and the attitude to his situation confirms that his mother Janet is proud of him.
I do hope that Christian will remain the type of child who shows love and respect for his parents, especially his mother Janet. To be honest, I cannot take children or people who are ashamed of their parents and are disrespectful.   
Keep it up, Christian; I am sure Almighty God will continue to bless you.