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Pork perch

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Pork perch

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Bajans love pork.
They love it so much that for many of them a weekend is not a weekend unless they have pudding and souse, pork chops, barbecued pig tails, ribs, or some other meal in which pork plays a major role.
That’s why in Barbados pigs are saluted as Proper Pork.
With our porcine friends having such an exalted status, it’s no wonder this lowly pigeon decided to hop on this pig’s back. At least he can boast to his feathered friends that he bestrode royalty.
Seriously, though, this pigeon hopped onto the pig’s back to pick some of the feed that fell there after the farmer shook out a bag of feed in the pen. 
And Donnay Deane was on hand to capture this moment to share with readers.
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