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What wonderful spouge!

Ridley Greene

What wonderful spouge!

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In a world racked by recession, with little ease foreseen from the pressures of current living, Ron Clarke yet dares to share contentment and happiness – at least to who would listen.
Calypsonian Clarke, De Blackeagle, on Wednesday released his cover of the Louis Armstrong evergreen What A Wonderful World – in spouge.
Presented as an answer to the “economic turmoil” in our everyday life, Clarke’s chirpy but reflective version of the song rings of comfort and optimism in its catchy rhythm.
De Blackeagle told the WEEKEND?NATION: “I have taken this wonderful song to reflect the things I still see in these turbulent times: the beautiful flowers; the busy bees; the tuneful birds; the cheerful newborn . . . the healthy child’s laughter.
“For all of this, it must be a wonderful world!”
The Mark Husbands-arranged single, which features Michael Hope on lead guitar, and is recorded and produced by Desmond Weekes, suggests there is plenty for all of us to look forward to.
And much like how Armstrong, when he released his more measured and earthy version in 1968, hoped he could bring some calm to a highly racially charged environment, Clarke trusts that his spouge interpretation of the standard can offer composure to the troubled and perplexed.
De Blackeagle (formerly De Unknown) has been singing calypso mainly for the past ten years, having started with the Super Gladiators. He would later co-manage Unity Calypso Tent and eventually join The Experience, where he has performed since 2009.
And how would the former American jazzy blues artist respond to the spouge air of his single most famous melody?
“Louis Armstrong would say it is a masterpiece,” declared De Blackeagle.