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88-year-old always on the go


88-year-old always on the go

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“AS LONG as the Lord gives me the strength I will continue to work around the house myself!”
So said a spritely 88-year-old Enid Morgan, as she stroked her painting brush along the concrete entrance of her Smith’s Avenue, Pine, St Michael home.
The former housewife, who was seen painting a section of her house, told the Cross Country team she was always one to constantly “upgrade” her surroundings by herself.
When asked what work she did, Morgan simply responded: “I raised six out of seven children, and this is sixteen years now since my husband died.”
She added: “My house was not always like this. We first moved here with an 18 by ten, then we renovate it then to a bigger size because the family got bigger. So we renovate it again to this one now,” she said.
“I am always upgrading, always. I don’t have any problem doing it. It is all my one because all the children [overseas]. My grandson would come and help me paint the walls of the house outside. I always cook my own food and bake and do everything. I can’t keep still or the body will get stiff and we can’t do anything at all. I don’t wait until Christmas either; I do what I have to do before,” she said.
Morgan said she did not join in the Independence celebrations anymore since she was not able to get around as much as before and her children were not around to celebrate with her. She also noted that she did not go into The City as much as before, but when she did she realized it was still lively.
About her community, the former Grace Hill Moravian School student said: “There have been a lot of changes in The Pine. When I moved here there were only a very few houses here but now everything change; the whole atmosphere changed – even the weather.”
Morgan said she started painting last week and she was hoping to finish by the end of this week.