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Alternative energy ‘way forward’

Randy Bennett

Alternative energy ‘way forward’

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With input costs constantly on the rise, farmers in Barbados may need to look at alternative energy as a key cost-cutting measure.
That advice has come from James Paul, chief executive officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS), who said that as a result of the economic climate, it was a challenge for farmers, especially smaller producers, to stay in business.
“With the fact that farmers are trying to keep prices down and keep costs under control, it has become very difficult for farmers. This has led to farmers in Barbados today operating under reduced margins,” he told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY in an interview.
Paul said the use of alternative energy could significantly reduce these costs and the BAS was therefore looking into ways it could tap into one of the world’s fastest growing markets.
“The use of alternative energy is definitely the way forward, not only for farmers but for Barbados as a country. Energy costs for farmers have increased tremendously over the past couple years and if farming is to continue being a profitable means of work, then the use of alternative sources of energy will definitely have to come into play,” he said.
Paul acknowledged, however, that he was not satisfied with the pace at which the move towards alternative energy was going, saying that a more invigorated push in this direction was needed.
He revealed that as part of the BAS’ efforts to promote alternative energy, Agrofest 2012, slated to run February 24 to 26, would be featuring a number of exhibits focusing on the role and use of alternative energy.