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Arthur: Let’s honour our women


Arthur: Let’s honour our women

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OPPOSITION LEADER OWEN ARTHUR wants Barbados to find a way to pay tribute to the hard-working women and single mothers who have helped to build Barbados.
Speaking during tributes to Lucille Eastmond, the late mother of St James North MP Rawle Eastmond, Arthur said there was no doubt that the womenfolk of Barbados had been important nation-builders and had helped to shape this society, and it was therefore high time for a memorial to be established.
“I believe that the time has come for Barbados to have a suitable memorial to the womenfolk of this country,” he said to applause from the Opposition bench.
“In memory of not only Mrs Eastmond but all the mothers of Barbados who have over so many generations raised children but have gone beyond that and . . . helped to make Barbados a good and wonderful place in which to live.”
He said while he was prime minister, it had been decided that the country should recognize the contribution which headmasters had made to Barbados’ development and a study had been commissioned on the contribution of headmasters.
“There is no doubt, Mr Speaker, that the womenfolk of Barbados have been [just] as important as nation-builders,” he said.