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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Confusion over director’s exit

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QUESTIONS ARE BEING asked about why the director of medical services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), Ghulam Rasooi Mufti, skipped Barbados after only 50 days on the job.
People want to know if Mufti took flight because he found out the difference between “come visit me and come live with me” – and the reality wasn’t good.
Others suggest that he left all behind because conditions in every respect were not up to scratch, and he had no intention of working in an environment that was beneath his standards.
Or maybe the final straw was the fact that last month it was disclosed he earned more money than his immediate boss Dr Dexter James.
Whatever it was that made him pack up before he had properly unpacked, it was rather sudden.
What Cou Cou does know is that his disappearance has left another hole in the QEH administration, and egg on the face of the board, who had enthusiastically welcomed him.
Still in need
WORKERS at a certain institution are crying shame on a big-up for ignoring their needs. They want to know why he has seemingly forgotten them in spite of his intimate knowledge of their needs.
They point to the fact that the road in front of their place is in really bad condition, while this person’s operations centre nearby has a smooth pathway leading to it.
These workers told Cou Cou it is not a case that they are trying to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak – it is just that they feel they should be working under better conditions.
So desperate are these workers that they have now enlisted the help of those associated with their institution to raise funds to fix their place. 
They are hoping the big-up would contribute something to their efforts by using his privileged office.
Loose talk
MEMBERS of an influential group of people are blue vex over the comments recently made by a big-up at a shindig they support.
From what Cou Cou was told, the big-up made a remark about the awardee, which many of those gathered took offence at as they thought it to be rather unkind.
According to what Cou Cou also heard, this big-up, who is not known for mixing his words, also let loose a broadside which was thought to be aimed at the person hosting the event.
It seems the only reason that this big-up was not booed for his comments was because such reaction would have been interpreted as a slap in the face to who this man represented, rather than being against the individual’s low talk.
Bitter end
TWO ASSOCIATES seem to be at loggerheads because of an invitation extended to a foe.
It seems that one friend strongly believes that business is just business and you can do it with anyone as long as you don’t compromise your principles.
That person is also said to be of the view that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
However, the other friend felt that once a foe, always a foe, and therefore no quarter should be given whatsoever.
Because of this, the two – who were becoming like peas in a pod – have split. So for sure they will not be seen together at the finale of a certain event soon.

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