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Full package for football finale

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Full package for football finale

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A FUSION of football, fete and family is in store for spectators attending the grand finale of the LIME Pelican Challenge at Kensington Oval on Wednesday, Independence Day.
Following the final between Jose y Jose Bajan Pride Ballers and Nu Look Plus GForce 360 Connection, which starts at 8 p.m., there will be an After Party featuring top entertainters Edwin Yearwood and Li’l Rick.
Chairman of Pelican Creative Services Inc., Mia Mottley, told Saturday Sport that judging from the response at last Sunday’s semi-finals at the National Stadium, the fans appear to be happy with the quality of play.
She was speaking after tournament organizers and police visited cricket’s “Mecca” on Thursday to streamline security, vending and other arrangements.
“I think people saw good football and because the level of football really stepped up, I think that has energized people to want to come out,” Mottley said.
The former Attorney General said that throughout the tournament they have paid special attention to security and that will continue with the change in venue. 
“Every night of every game we have had both private security as well as the Royal Barbados Police Force and there have been no incidents thus far,” Mottley said.
When asked if she expected a sell-out crowd, the Opposition Member of Parliament said: “I have learnt never to predict votes or crowds.
“But having said that, I really want to appeal to all Barbadians to come out,” she added, noting that admission would be free for children under ten years old.
“This is a perfect opportunity for families to come,” she said.
Mottley disclosed that popular krosfyah lead singer Edwin would headline an entertainment package which included the versatile Li’l Rick as dee jay and Fari Levi as well as other dee jays.
“We also have an arrangement with Baje for a Party Stand which is a different arrangement from what we had at the Stadium,” she further revealed.
“In that area of the traditional Party Stand, they will be mounting a whole small bars concept and a celebrity game within the down time [breaks] of the matches.”
Mottley said there would also be a performance by the Israel Lovell Foundation.
“We are cognizant that it is Independence Day and we want to be able to infuse into the atmosphere that kind of energy that is reflective not just of the sporting community but also of the cultural community and all that Barbados has to offer that is creative,” Mottley noted.
“It is not by accident that this is happening on Independence Day because in a sense we are trying to be firm craftsmen of our fate and we can only do it with the cooperation of the public,” she added. 
The package starts at 3 p.m., two hours before the third-place game between Phoenix UFO Toyota Fire House and Broad Street Men and Women Red Tridents.