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Load and go

luigimarshall, [email protected]

Load and go

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There’s an old saying, “When you don’t have a horse, ride a cow”. That is, when you don’t have what is needed to get something done, you use a substitute.
This was clearly the thinking that motivated this motorist to use the trunk of his car to transport these items.
Avid SATURDAY?SUN reader Olivia (she wants only her first name mentioned) took this picture of the vehicle at the roundabout at the bottom of University Hill in Black Rock earlier this week.
“Why use a truck to transport your stuff when you can use the top of your car trunk? LOL,” wrote Olivia.
She noted, though, that when a person does such, they should use a “red onion bag to warn of danger”. We certainly agree with that thought too.
Olivia’s quick eye and snapshot wins her this week’s Picture Of The Week.
You, too, can be a winner by submitting your offbeat pictures to [email protected]