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MAVIS BECKLES – Women in crisis too

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MAVIS BECKLES – Women in crisis too

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FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS I was telling ya’all ’bout the men in crisis; I was trying tuh explain why I think dem in this crisis and how I think duh got there. I then ended it off by telling you what I know they want and letting you know dat I know dat duh got a lot o’ women out there who in just as much crisis as these men.
Listen, doan mind you might not have heard anybody saying anything ’bout how the women in crisis. But just because we doan hear ’bout the women doing the things the men would do in the situation duh find demselves in, dat doan mean duh ain’t crisis, hear? As I said, the women in just as much crisis as the men, hear wha’ I tell ya.
Now, look: duh got a lot a women who does put demselves in some stupid positions and end up getting hurt. Then, unlike the men who does go and blame and hate the world for their mistakes, drink Gramoxone, become stalkers, beaters and a whole lot o’ crap, these women does go and find another man and another, then another till when ya hear the shout and duh finally catch demselves, duh does end up wid a bundle o’ children hanging on all ’round duh skirt tail.
The other day I was reading the Dear Christine column. Duh was three letters and two o’ dem was from women begging Christine fuh help. The first letter was from a woman who was actually begging Christine fuh food, clothes, furniture, carpet, evathing.
The woman was saying dat she and the children ain’t eat fuh days; that none o’ dem, including herself, doan have clothes, shoes nor any kinda furniture. She then said dat the ages of the children were 12, 8 and 2 years old. The next one was a grandmother of two children, 12 and 8 years old, and she too was begging fuh shoes and clothes. Straight away I had tuh ask where the France are the fathers tuh these children, especially the two-year-old? Ya understand wha’ I mean now?
Then there’s another set o’ women in crisis. These are the ones who does be working but not fuh enough money tuh support their lifestyle, so they look fuh a man, anybody man, especially a married man tuh support dem.
And what about the young women, the teenage ones who does go and bog down duh lives by getting children from big-able hard-back old men? Or the ones who because duh want a job they does have tuh go through the pressure of sex tuh get the job and then sex tuh keep it? All o’ dat is crisis.
Duh got some older women, mothers who are so much in crisis dat it is sickening. Look, some women does allow the boyfriend of their young girl children – who are, sadly, still at school – tuh sleep in the house wid dem when the night come because money coming in. Dem ain’t in serious crisis – dem sick.
And there’s another kinda mother, the ones who know dat their daughter or daughters are being molested, sometimes by their very boyfriends or husbands, but are unwilling tuh prosecute these animals because duh ain’t want duh names smeared in the newspapers, so duh does hush it up.
And then, pon the other hand, duh got some mothers or females who get children, who would know dat their boyfriends or husbands would be interfering wid their young girl children but would purposely curse the poor child and call she a liar when dat child tell dem wha’ gine on, just because dem want the piece o’ nasty man and he two nay-nay cents. Uh gine tell you, the women in just as much crisis as the men.
Duh got another set o’ women in crisis too, but these are the high-class call girls, the ones you would never think could mash a ant – butter cahn melt in duh mout, as the old people would say – but these are the ones who does look like duh got it made.
These ladies does live in plush apartments in nice neighbourhoods, duh does wear the finest and most expensive clothes, shoes and bags and drive big rides. But duh big salaries still doan always match up tuh the lifestyles they want, so this is where the sugar daddies does come in.
But when ya say A, ya does have tuh say B ’cause duh got some women who does be in crisis but not of their own doing; it could be because of a number o’ things, like rape, abuse, neglect, domestic violence and all the other things dat women go through; and then they might find a good friend tuh help ease the pressure by crying pon she shoulder or in order tuh put li’l food pon the table and buy a few li’l things fuh she children, would plant up a li’l kitchen garden and go in the market or ’longside the road and sell them.
Or she might get a few children tuh keep during the day fuh a small fee or if she good wid she hands would braid hair or bake a few sweet bread or set up a li’l ting ’longside she house and sell fry fish pon a weekend in order tuh mek ends meet.
Some o’ dem does find solace in the church and when the Sunday morning come, ya does see she and she li’l people wid duh heads held high, heading in tuh the house o’ the Lord. Now dem is the ones who doan allow any kind o’ crisis tuh keep dem down and does find Christ in the crisis.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.