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Story time

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Story time

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Students of Trinity Academy sat quietly and listened as Roberta Lady Simpson read excerpts of her new children’s book Tails From The Ark at her book launch and signing yesterday at Cave Shepherd Vista, Worthing, Christ Church.
The book uses the fruits of the Spirit such as kindness, gentleness, love, joy, peace, patience, self-control as a basis to tell the biblical story of Noah and the Ark from the perspective of the animals.
“I wanted it to be a fun book and have some humour in it, but also be something that teaches the children about values,” said Lady Simpson.
“I like to be able to write something that teaches children values. You see how Noah was laughed at and mocked because of what he was doing, and he still went on doing it because God had spoken to him and he was faithful. so there is the real story behind the patience and the faithfulness that children can relate to.”
Here, Lady Simpson capturing the attention of Trinity Academy students as she reads an excerpt of her book. (LK)
(Picture by Shaka Mayers.)