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DEAR CHRISTINE – Still homeless after Tomas

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Still homeless after Tomas

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Dear Christine,
I was a victim of Tropical Storm Tomas in October last year.
I have been to many agencies across Barbados seeking help but to no avail. These include the National Housing Corporation, National Assistance Board, the Welfare Department and my parliamentary representative. I am still homeless, with three children to house, and just holding on at a relative’s who does not have enough room.
My children and I have to sleep on the floor nightly, and the conditions are deplorable. When it rains, the entire yard is filled with water. One has to get a boat to go outside. The water makes the floor unbearably cold.
I am desperate and I am appealing to anyone out there who can assist me with building materials as a donation to help me so I can provide shelter for me and my children. Their help and contribution would be greatly appreciated.
– J
Dear J,
Now that you have provided me with a contact number I can inform you of any offers to help.
It is sad that you and your children have to endure such hardship and that no agency or Government department to date has offered to help.
I am sometimes very annoyed and hurt myself at how we operate as a society and a people in general the world over.
Right here, I see humongous church buildings going up across our island. Pastors are not afraid to call on their church members and the general public to help them raise funds to build these churches.
They go all out to do so, yet when poor Miss Jones – so to speak – needs help with her home, as in your case, no special appeals are made to people who are supposed to assist with feeding the poor, housing the stranger and clothing the naked.
I am not saying that churches do not have their own outreach programmes; I am saying that just as they go all out to acquire funds to build churches, they should help the less fortunate. It cannot always be left to Government.
Having said that, while you have not mentioned the exact problem you’re experiencing with your home, I hope that some individual, agency or business house would reach out and help you get back on your feet. I’m sure that all you need is a start.