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NHC moving against mum

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NHC moving against mum

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INSISTING the law must be followed, Minister of Housing Michael Lashley has made it clear the National Housing Corporation (NHC) will be moving against the young mother who has illegally taken up residence at an unoccupied Government unit.
Lashley told the DAILY?NATION yesterday that the Government had zero tolerance for the actions of Keisha Brathwaite, 21, who on the night of November 18 broke and entered the premises of a NHC unit in Barbarees Hill, St Michael.
“This is a serious matter and the National Housing Corporation, as the property owner and the agent of the Crown, will assert its rights very shortly; and I am giving full notice to those persons who believe they can go to housing units and all will be well. I am sending a warning to those who feel they can break the law.
“This impacts on the rule of law, and if we allow persons to go and break into NHC units and decide that they can settle in them, that will be sending the wrong signal. (MK)
Full story in today’s DAILY NATION.