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DEAR CHRISTINE – He only wanted sex and money

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DEAR CHRISTINE – He only wanted sex and money

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Dear Christine,
I AM WRITING to you to get some much-needed advice. Here goes.
I met a man some eight months ago. He said he had just broken up with his girlfriend and he wasn’t seeing anyone at the time. We exchanged numbers and addresses and we talked. He then started coming to the home.
My best friend told me she did not trust him because, as far as she knows, all he does is use women and then he leaves them to figure out if he is finished with them.
I told her off and our relationship became strained.
She said she was just looking out for me. She even told me he sleeps at her neighbour’s house at least twice a week and is apparently seeing the daughter, who told my friend she is seeing this same guy.
A week after all this I realized that whenever I call, he would be busy. He changed both his telephone numbers and did not give them to me.
He said he does not pay for the telephone. I then noticed that he would only come by when he wanted sex, money or something to eat.
I refused to see it all along, but from the time we met he would always borrow money but never pay back. 
It so happened that I had to be on the road very early one morning and I saw his car parked by these apartments. I waited. Lo and behold, he came out with a woman behind him. He kissed her and off he went.
I waited and then returned home, only to find him there. He told me he had just come from work. He’s such a liar! I went off to work and left him there; I didn’t say a word.
Christine, I saw him three weeks later – no call, no explanation for his absence. My next-door neighbour told me that as soon I left, he also left, but returned with a woman who was in my house with him for two hours.
I don’t want to describe him but he is not capable of having one woman. If he thinks you have money and he can have sex every day, he will hold on to you. He is one of those guys who likes to “keep up with the Joneses” – can’t afford to, but wants everything he sees his friends with.
Women, beware of this guy. He drives a car and lives in the south of the island. If you cannot have sex whenever he wants and give him money, you mean nothing to him. No wonder he has children from different women.
He was sleeping with me, my best friend’s neighbour, the lady at the apartment and the one he brought to my house.
I went home to his mother and felt I was the only one. Along with all us, there is a schoolteacher and a non-national. The problem is I still love him a lot.
Dear Miss Heartbroken,
The only advice I have for you is to leave this man alone.
Get him out of your life and give your love to someone more deserving of it. He’s not worth your time or effort. I’m sure your bank account will begin to flourish again with him gone.
You have been given all the inside information you need to know about him.
My question to you now is: what’s love got to do with it? You need to love yourself more and recognise your worth. He certainly does not.