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Turtle rescued


Turtle rescued

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BARBADIANS AND VISITORS banded together for a common cause today – that of rescuing an endangered sea turtle in distress.
Four men are now being lauded as heroes for taking point in the rescue effort after the large greenback turtle became stuck among some rocks on Dover Beach.
 David Mapp, the grounds supervisor at Divi Southwinds is one of those men. He said he was contacted by another of the heroes, beach attendant Junior Taylor, who in turn was alerted to the situation around 9 a.m by a guest of the hotel.
 “A guest spotted the turtle and alerted junior who called me. The turtle was stuck in the rocks; it must have gotten confused,” said Mapp.
 Taylor speculated the turtle, which he said had a tag on one of its flippers, could have been struggling since the night before. He said they immediately tried to get it back into the water and successfully extricated the creature initially but it soon became stuck again.
 “We managed to get it out but it started to move and fell into another crack in the rocks. This time it turned on its back and you know when a turtle turns on its back, it’s in real trouble unless it can right itself again,” he said.
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