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Warning for PM

Mike King

Warning for PM

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FREUNDEL?STUART needs to step up to the plate or he will suffer a similar fate to that of St Lucian counterpart Stephenson King, says political analyst and pollster Peter Wickham.
The analyst said there were lessons to be learnt for Stuart and the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government in Barbados from the defeat of the United Workers Party (UWP)?in St Lucia.
Speaking from Trinidad yesterday, Wickham told the DAILY?NATION that the parallels between Barbados and St Lucia were compelling and Stuart had all reason to be a worried man as there was no guarantee his administration would serve two terms.
 Wickham said just three percentage points separated the Government from the Opposition in both cases when David Thompson and Sir John Compton won in Barbados and St Lucia, respectively.
“It should also be noted that neither King nor Stuart were elected previously and would be facing an election for the first time on their own whenever elections were called, and this is another similarity that we cannot ignore. Neither of them are charismatic individuals, and both of them pale next to the leader from whom they took over in terms of charisma; so the popularity factor is also there.”
Full story in today’s DAILY NATION.