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Poor spelling

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Poor spelling

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YOU?KNOW?HOW badly a situation is deteriorating when the simplest of things begin to go wrong.
For us, one of these pointers is the poor spelling of simple words on road signs, billboards, placards and the like.
Today we feature two misspelt words.
Patricia snapped this sign (inset) on the back of a company vehicle. She wrote: “I really don’t know where St Micheal is . . . . This prominent business place needs to look into their spelling before advertising!”
The second picture was taken by Ralph. He wrote: “This bar is located at the corner of Queen Mary Road and Bank Hall. I am not sure if the spelling of the name was deliberate but I thought that I would share it for a laugh.”
Patricia and Ralph are this week’s Pictures Of The Week winners. You, too, can be a winner by sending your offbeat pictures to [email protected]