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Arthur backing DLP

Dawne Parris

Arthur backing DLP

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They may differ on every other thing under the sun, but Opposition Leader Owen Arthur said yesterday he was prepared to join forces with the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in pressing for the conclusion of the long overdue fishing agreement with Trinidad and Tobago.
Stopping just short of calling for an official boycott, Arthur also urged Barbadian consumers to send an equally strong message to the authorities in Port of Spain by “making clear determinations as to who they want to buy goods from until this matter can be resolved”.
“That there’s no fishing agreement is not because of the behaviour of the fisherfolk themselves. They are being made the victim of a failed process and we must support them by letting the Trinidadians know that we’re not banning anybody’s goods but that we can exercise the discretion as to who we buy goods from.
“I think it has come to that,” the former Prime Minister said in an exclusive interview with the SUNDAY?SUN.
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