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Storybook show and tell

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Storybook show and tell

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MORE?THAN 60 pupils of the Wesley Hall Infant School portrayed 28 characters from their favourite storybooks yesterday on the school grounds on their Book Character Day.
The little ones, dressed in costumes depicting their favourite storybook characters, paraded in front of their schoolmates, teachers and guardians, much to their delight.
Organizer of the event, Elene Went, told the WEEKEND NATION that the exercise was designed to encourage the little ones to read. She said many stories were read to them by their class teachers, parents and guardians and then they chose their favourite characters.
“This is a wonderful opportunity to get other students excited about reading and to expose them to multiple characters at once,” Went said.
Meanwhile, principal of the school, Wendy Scantlebury, said it was a disgrace that many students were not reading as much as they should since the advent of various technology.
She recalled growing up, noting that reading was one of the main activities children at that time would engage in.
“We would spend long hours reading books,” said Scantlebury. “But with time however, people have lost their skill and passion to read. There are now options on the computer with handheld games and these things are distracting from reading. It is a real shame because reading offers a productive approach in improving vocabulary and word power.
“That is why I believe today the colourful language that we hear is repeated so often because we don’t have as wide a vocabulary as we used to have before, so we will repeat the same words over and over”.
The principal urged the guardians present at the event to pay special attention to reading with their children, stating that there were numerous benefits to be derived from reading including “higher IQs” and students would become “more creative” throughout their school life.
“Parents you should inculcate in your children a love for reading because it will develop the vocabulary and it develops a strong bond between parents and children especially when you read to them at night. Reading also helps the mental development and is known to stimulate the muscles of the eyes,” said Scantlebury, adding that reading could become “a healthy addiction”. (MM)

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