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Getting a handle on things

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Getting a handle on things

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What can the future hold for Member of Parliament for St Michael West-Central James Paul? The Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) chief executive officer (left) seemed intent on finding out at his annual constituency Christmas party yesterday at the Skills Training Centre at Belfield in Black Rock, St Michael.
And, with candle, cards, crystal “bowl” and other divining paraphernalia, “fortune-teller” Shirley Boxill sought to give him the answers.
There has been some turmoil in Paul’s world. He was recently reinstated as BAS chief after some falling out with his directors and he looks forward now to continued better times. And today he is surrounded by rumours of burgeoning discontent with the leadership of his party and Government.
Little wonder then the MP was seeking some unorthodox help – in trying to read between the lines! (CA)
(Picture by Sharon Harding.)

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