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DEAR CHRISTINE – Things not the same in love affair

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Things not the same in love affair

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I MET AND FELL IN LOVE with a nice gentleman nine months ago, but now all of a sudden everything is going wrong for me. I met him on the job and now I am going through hassles every day. I cannot tell where they are coming from.
Christine, when I call this man’s house, his mother is sarcastic. At times when he comes to the telephone he does not like to talk as she is nearby, listening.
I come from a decent and respectable family and was brought up with high morals, therefore I cannot be rude to her.
Christine, I really love this man but he tells me I only want to use him. This is not the case at all. I have a good job and my own apartment and my family is fairly well off. How could he think I want to use him? All I want is to share his friendship; go places with him and so on.
I even asked him to take me to meet his family and he refused. Please help me, as I am in need of advice.
– SP
Dear SP,
A little birdie is telling me that your friend may not be free, single and disengaged at all, and that you are wasting your energy and time with a man who does not deserve you. Look at the way he is treating you! Do you call that love? Count your blessings – your job, your apartment, your family, and the independence you have.
If he really cared you wouldn’t have to be calling his home; he’ll be at yours. He would be proud to take you to see his family, and if they reject you, he’d be more than honoured to stand at your side. This is what a man in love does.
He made you believe that he really cared, but now that you’ve seen his true colours, try getting him out of your life and your thoughts. You must ensure that the sight of him does not cause you to perform badly on the job and rob you of your livelihood.