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Caves could be public soon

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Caves could be public soon

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Miles of networking tunnels have been discovered under the Garrison Historic area.
And after more exploratory work is done in the coming weeks, the more than 100-year-old underground shafts could be open to the public in the new year.
This was revealed yesterday by president James Blades and vice-president Peter Stevens, both of the Barbados Historic Garrison Consortium Inc., as George Washington House threw open its doors to the public as part of Tourism Week hosted by the Ministry of Tourism.
In a first public showing of the tunnels, Blades, who was in one of the underground shafts, and Stevens hosted a link-up to explain the 1820 features which were originally built to help drain the once marshy Garrison Savannah.
Blades, who revealed that at least two miles of tunnels had been discovered under the Garrison, said: “We are actually looking forward to bringing people down to these tunnels as soon as we can do so, hopefully . . . very early [in the new year].”
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