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Trimart lifts charities

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Trimart lifts charities

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SEVEN?ORGANISATIONS are in a better position to spread Christmas cheer, thanks to a donation from Trimart Supermarkets yesterday.
 The community-based associations are the HIV/AIDS Food Bank, the Salvation Army Christmas Luncheon for the Needy, the Vauxhall Senior Citizens Village, the St Philip Geriatric Hospital, Sayes Court Children’s Home, Farrs Alleynedale Children’s Home and St Barnabas Senior Citizens Home.
Whitfield Batson, Trimart’s store manager, said the organisations had shown great appreciation for the initiative.
“It is of importance that we at Trimart remain at all times aware of those who are less fortunate than ourselves,” said Batson.
Meanwhile, onion lovers need not weep any more.
One local supermarket chain is saying that they have an abundance of the product that recently was off the store shelves in Barbados.
But shoppers would not miss them this time because they are the big ones that can go a long way. (SP)