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Perfect for the gardener

Suzanne Griffith

Perfect for the gardener

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Searching for a last minute Christmas gift for that gardener on your list?
Here are some ideas for gifts a gardener is sure to appreciate, not to mention enjoy, for a long time to come.
Know a gardener that’s short on space? A beautiful terra cotta pot and saucer, plain or glazed, would serve as the start of an elegant dish garden.
Dish gardens do well in shallow pots.?Be certain to select a wide pot, the wider the better. Consider accessorizing the gift with sufficient potting soil and gravel. Bear in mind, it is a gift!
Present it beautifully, bag the soil and gravel separately, tying each with a festive ribbon.
Gardeners love gardening tools.
I’m always an advocate for secondhand tools, but, in the spirit of giving, why not treat the gardener you know to a new set of garden tools?
When selecting tools consider those of the best quality, a lasting addition to the recipients “tool box” that can be enjoyed for years to come. A new spade, and a hand rake, teamed up with a pair of gardener’s gloves would be a welcome gift.
Seeds! Gardeners love colourful seed packets. For an affordable gift, or stocking stuffer, select four or five packets of seeds tying them together with ribbon.
Even if you are short on gift wrap, or time, the unwrapped packets complemented with ribbon will make a beautiful presentation.
If the gardener you’re shopping for is a seed-a-holic, as I certainly will admit to being, there’s no doubt they would be pleased to receive a gift of storage containers.
When selecting containers, ensure that they are airtight and will accommodate a standard sized seed packet in a filing system-like fashion. Shoe box sized storage containers are ideal.
As each individual will have their own personal preference for “organizing” their seeds, it’s best to let them do that bit. If you are feeling extra creative, fashion some dividers for the filing system, use a heavy card or cardboard labelling each.
For example: tomatoes, lettuces, herbs, and so forth. Be sure to make some extra dividers leaving some blank for the gardener to fill in.
If your gardener has a sense of humour, include a divider that reads, “Seeds I Bought Because the Package Was Pretty”. I could fill an entire box with those!
Whatever the gift you select for the gardener on your list, make it one that’s from the heart, and within your means, doing so is in the true spirit of the season.
Merry Christmas to all!