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Palm for the holidays

Carlos Atwell

Palm for the holidays

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One of the colourful plants that can light up the home or surroundings this Yuletide season is the ruffled fan palm (Licuala Grandis), which bears bright red fruit that fit right in with the holidays.
And one place they can be found is in Hunte’s Gardens in Castle Grant Plantation, St Joseph.
Owner Anthony Hunte, here with the palm, said it bore fruit around this time of year, almost as if it were meant to be a Christmas decoration.
“Because it bears this red fruit at this time of year, people love it,” he told the SUNDAY SUN yesterday. “As a palm tree, this one is really outstanding; it looks like it’s decorated for Christmas.”
The horticulturalist said the palm was also popular year-round but it required shade. He added the seeds took about a year to germinate.
Hunte said he brought the plants into Barbados as seedlings 15 years ago and placed them in his garden when it was established six years ago.