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Theft trend

Tim Slinger

Theft trend

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Though police are reporting no upsurge in crime during the Christmas season, cellphone theft and “cash-for-gold” promotions have developed into a major headache for law enforcement authorities.
Commissioner Darwin Dottin says that at the start of the new year, measures – including legislative adjustments – should be implemented to tackle what has become a major contributor to crime in Barbados.
“What we have noticed . . . is that the problem that we were experiencing all year with theft from the person and generally theft of jewellery and mobile phone continued,” Dottin told the SUNDAY?SUN yesterday.
“Only [last] week we have had some discussions with the minister [Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite], and officials from the office of the AG on some proposals that we have put [forward] to address this matter of the cash for gold because we feel that it is causing some quite severe problems on the streets.”
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