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DEAR CHRISTINE: Words of wisdom from a fellow virgin

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Words of wisdom from a fellow virgin

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Dear Christine,
I read in last Thursday’s paper the story about a 23-year-old man who admitted that he was still a virgin. His girlfriend, on the other hand, was not a virgin and felt bad about this.
Christine, I am 40 years old and I am still a virgin, but I was not born a Christian.
I had boyfriends growing up as a teenager. I knew they were not serious about settling down and I was not willing to allow any and every person who said they loved me to sample me.  
Last year I met a really nice man, who is bent on marrying me and settling down.
He is not a virgin like I am. While I wish he was, I am a practical individual.
The truth is, many young people become sexually involved in their teens.
Like the 20-year-old, some regret this afterwards; but life goes on.
I want to encourage young men and women out there not to rush life and to desist from becoming sexually active at an early age. There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting.
I am not saying that mistakes may not be made, but even if they are, there is nothing wrong with admitting the mistakes and then continue life from there.
I want that 20-year-old to know that she can decide now to keep her body pure and free from sex until she marries. Even though she is not a virgin, she can feel proud that she has decided not to have sex with her husband-to-be until marriage.
– D.V.
Dear D.V.,
Your words of encouragement and advice will certainly help someone along the way.
You’re right in saying there is nothing wrong in waiting, and I am quite sure there are many out there who have abstained from sex until marriage.
At the end of the day, the choice is left up to the individual.