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25 injured

Kenmore Bynoe

25 injured

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Twenty-five people suffered varying injuries in a collision involving a minibus and a BMW SUV on Hampton Road, St Philip, triggering a mass casualty response yesterday afternoon at 1:23 p.m.
The bus was being driven by Vinson Atherley, 37, while the driver of the BMW was 67-year-old Leo Clarke.  
Nigel Hewitt was the most seriously injured and he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), while 22 other adults, and toddlers Christian Corke, ten months, and Kevin Thompson, 11 months, were assessed at the site.
Two fire tenders, eight fire officers, four doctors and a number of nurses from the QEH, the Roving Response Team, Barbados Defence Force personnel and police officers sprang into action to block off over a mile and a half of road in the area of Carrington Factory while treating the injured.
Preliminary checks were made on the passengers next to the damaged vehicles before they were moved on to an assessment station set up 50 feet away to determine if they needed to be taken to the hospital.  
People from miles away trekked to the scene.
Corke’s grandmother was not involved in the accident, but she rushed to the scene to make sure that her “angel” was all right.
Inspector David Welch indicated that most of the complaints were for knee and chest injuries while some of the passengers suffered face injuries.  
Around 4 p.m. a Transport Board bus arrived at the accident scene to ferry those who were not seriously injured away.