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Xmas meal thumbs-down

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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ANYONE WHO KNOWS A BAJAN would tell you that when it comes to Christmas, even the most humble household strives to provide a lavish spread. They love to eat ham, turkey, jug jug, sorrel, sweet potato pie and even macaroni pie.
So when people are invited to a Christmas party, they expect nothing less – with some top-name liquor to wash down the meal.
Maybe this is why constituents who attended a Christmas party held by a certain politico recently left grumbling about the food they were served. Those in the know said that chow mein, fishcakes, ice cream and cake were all that was on the menu.
And if that was not bad enough, what incensed the constituents even more was that their representative did not even formally address the gathering, perhaps too ashamed of the spread on offer.
Bee to Dee rescue
PEOPLE SHOPPING AT A SUPERMARKET were left in shock and awe when a Bee had to stop two Dems from going after each other.
It all started when a very unhappy Dems’ operative and supporter publicly lambasted a politico for taking bread out of his mouth.
The man stared loudly that since certain arrangements are now in place in a certain ministry, his business has suffered.
The individual accused the politico of giving much of the business to a relative and expressed his dissatisfaction with some muscular language at this development.
From what Cou Cou was told, the politico did not take those lashes just so, but verbally fought back to defend his good name. That was when a known Bee intervened and calmed the dispute between the two Dems.   
In big-up’s hands
QUESTIONS ARE BEING ASKED about whatever happened to a container-load of building materials that seem to have mounted a truck all by themselves and left the compound of a certain organization.
From what Cou Cou was told, the big man in charge has taken the responsibility of dealing with the matter, as the person who reportedly may have some idea about the incident was brought there by him.
Staffers at the organization are remarking that this is the type of thing you get when you hire people who are reported to have questionable characters.
Stand-in serves up surprise
BUSINESSPEOPLE WHO ATTENDED a recent meeting are singing the praises of a politico who stood in for their leader and did a commendable job.
It seems the leader was not able to make the gathering and asked this individual to substitute. The person agreed,  and gave a presentation that knocked the socks off of those who heard it.
Some, we were told, were astounded not so much at the quality of the presentation, as they know the person has a good intellect. What had them amazed was the fact that the individual repeatedly praised their leader and showed solidarity with the team.
Knowing that this individual and the leader have been involved in some sparring, they never expected this.
It was to the group a clear indication that a great combination was lining up to come again.