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Dorothy now living like a queen

Anesta Henry

Dorothy now living like a queen

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An elderly woman yesterday rang out years of living in dilapidated conditions and rang in 2012 in a brand new home.
Dorothy Bradshaw, 82, moved into a fully furnished two-bedroom house in 3rd Avenue, Green Hill, St Michael – a palace away from the hazardous squalor in which she lived, just a stone’s throw away in Storey Gap where she has lived from age two.
The $70 000 house was built by the Urban Development Commission (UDC), under its Poverty Alleviation Programme and fully furnished by Courts Barbados at an estimated $25 000.
 Bradshaw, a mother of two, told the SUNDAY SUN that while she was thankful for “this blessing God send me”, she believed she was deserving of new abode.
“I was good to people. I use to do dressmaking and sometimes people would come to me and they did not have all the money to pay.
“But I was kind, and I would tell them to go along with the dress until them get the money. Some people would come back and pay and some people did not. God is a good God. I am very happy for this new home,” said Bradshaw.
Director of marketing at Courts Paula Phillips said the contribution was “in no way a promotional activity but purely a social corporate responsibility and us helping people in the community”.
She said that in April last year, Courts launched a room make-over initiative which was part of its corporate social responsibility outreach programme. She added the estimated $25 000 in furnishings was inclusive of furniture, a solar water system, floor covering, foodstuff and clothing.

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