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DE MARKET VENDOR: Start the year right, save dollars

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Start the year right, save dollars

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NEW YEAR – time to reset de clock, check yuhself, promise to exercise, lose weight, be a better person and so on! Dese early days de Vendor reflecting pun some treasures of Bubbadus and giving thanks fuh whatever blessings pass my way and fuh de people that touch muh life!
Everybody say Bubbadus is an expensive place – no lie. We got Luis Vuitton, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Mac – you name it, Bubbadus got it and don’t mind all de long talk ’bout not having money. I got it from reliable sources that since a certain brand name store open dem pulling over $100 000 in sales daily.
A businesswoman say “Market, is not who you tink spending dat money. My housekeeper sister save $3 000 to buy a bag and a fella drop $1 200 pun a pair of shoes!” Mash dem shoes and riot brek out! Some ah we could only pass through places like de shops at Limegrove and smell de money!
But dis Vendor also know another Bubbadus filled wid small people delivering service and quality too. You could drop a few hundred dollars pun dinner at certain places, but yuh could also eat fuh little or nothing iffing yuh want to! At a little place off de South Coast call Shakers, two people could eat in a nice setting till yuh belly full and get back change. Uncle George in Oistins Bay Garden fuh de best grill fish in de world, cannot beat dat!
Iffing yuh looking fuh shoe repairs (yes, some ah we does repair shoes), Joe’s Shoe Repairs on Lower Broad Street cannot be beaten for quality nor service. Tell Joe Boniface de Vendor send you and iffing he give you a quote no matter what he find when he start, de price is de same! Anna Went is a small caterer but she Trini corn soup and bake and shark would rival Richard in Maracas Bay! She does bring enough soup fuh de Vendor to drink fuh de next week. Thank yuh, Anna!
A young brethren wid locks does sell de sweetest warm peanuts at de top of Pine Hill, and he always smiling. Blessings, muh brudder!
Need a suit and want it to look like Sir Richard Cheltenham, Savile Row stuff – Pauline Sealy at Sharper Image. When she done, yuh will look like a outgoing prime minister. De woman can build suit.  
One of the finest auto engineers (I did not say mechanic) is Peter Martin at PRM Auto Services. De bill will not require you to sell off de family jewels, and when you return de car clean and ready to go! I meet a fella from Total Needs Equipment Rentals while looking fuh a power washer. De man deliver de power washer, which brek down from overwork by de Vendor, two days before Christmas. One phone call and de man was back to fix or offer a replacement unit and not a cent more! And because I lost a few hours of use, he say keep de equipment fuh another day!  
Yes, Bubbadus is not cheap and service sometimes bordering pun non-existent, but we still got some small people who does deliver top-class service!
Happy new year to all ah wunnah!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now; you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

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