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FULL STORY: Globe goes gospel

Tim Slinger

FULL STORY: Globe goes gospel

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THE GLOBE CINEMA, which closed its doors to moviegoers six days ago after 55 years, will reopen on Sunday.
This time, its patrons will be the congregationof the Revelation Word Christian Centre headed by the controversial Apostle T. Wayne Bishop.
“We are negotiating the purchase of the building (Globe) in order to look at it for a greater purpose and to erect more of a cultural centre in which we would have church services,” Bishop told the WEEKEND NATION yesterday.
Bishop did not disclose the price being negotiated for the historic City property but reports indicated it could run into millions of dollars for the original movie house. In a Press report last December, the cinema’s owners indicated they would have wanted $4 million.
Asked about those involved in the takeover of the property, Bishop would only say:
“We have a great vision for this location and we are looking at the full acquisition.
“We have some good friends who share in the vision,” he added.
Bishop, who returned to Barbados just over a year and a half ago after leaving the island under a cloud of controversy following his departure from the New Covenant Ministries, said church’s congregation had outgrown its current location at Tudor Street.
“We have been trusting and believing God for a bigger facility that would house the vision that we have for Barbados and we are extremely excited about our opening on Sunday,” he said, while noting that his new church had been increasing its congregation at approximately 25 new members monthly.
In his first public statement, Bishop said he had nothing to hide with regard to reports of irregularities concerning his quitting as head of the New Covenant Ministries which he founded and which had owned the now defunct property known as the Dove Convention Centre at Country Road, St Michael.
“There has been a lot of controversial things said about me and I was not here to defend it. I am aware of many of these accusations but I have not heard of any accusation that has been launched against me and my previous ministry that has been accurate.
“I stole the church’s (New Covenant Ministries) finances and went overseas? It never happened! I never took a cent, a nickel, a dime or penny!”
The outspoken pastor also had a mesage of apology for any member of his previous congregation:
“If by my actions, anything that was done or said or heard have hurt any member of my previous congregation, any member of the Body of Christ, any national, any man or woman anywhere, I truly apologise and it was never the intent.”
The Dove Convention Centre, which ran into financial dificulties, has since been sold to the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre headed by Bishop Marlon Husbands.
Meanwhile, Bishop said church services at the new Globe location would be held on Sundays and Wednesdays initially.
He also disclosed that two of United States’ most popular televangelists Bishop Eddie Long and Bishop T.D. Jakes are on the cards as guests of the church later this year.