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Broomes told: Stand firm

Ricky Jordan

Broomes told: Stand firm

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Embattled Alexandra School principal Jeff Broomes has been encouraged not to “back down”.
The call is coming from former Coleridge and Parry principal Hallam King, who resigned under uncannily similar circumstances 15 years ago when he told students, parents and others that there were “a minority of teachers” who were “not pulling their weight and needed to be pulled up or pulled out”.
Stating yesterday that he did not believe the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) would attempt the threatened nationwide strike, King said “someone needs to stand up to unions when in fact what you’re doing is in the best interests of the children of Barbados”.
He told the SATURDAY SUN: “If Broomes does not back down, I do not believe that the union would attempt a nationwide strike, for if they did they would not get adequate support. The parents would recognize that what the union wants is not in their [the children’s] best interest and/or is skewed in the wrong direction, which would be harmful to the children’s productivity.”
Read the full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN.