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PUDDING & SOUSE: Lover put on blast

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Lover put on blast

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A short brown-skinned man is now the main focus of an Internet smear campaign orchestrated by a woman who claims she once loved him.
The vicious campaign, the woman says, is due to his lying and cheating on her for the more than five years they were lovers.
Based on what this woman posted on a popular Internet site that people turn to if they want to expose lovers who cheated, this man has been carrying on an affair with her and three others at the same time. He was able to do this as they all live overseas.
Going on what the woman wrote in the two stories she has posted online, along with pictures of him and her together, it seems he somehow managed to keep these women’s visits to the island separated in such a way that he would always have time for them individually. This was in spite of her visiting the island more than twice a year.
This man, if this scorned woman’s claims are to be believed, somehow managed to maintain a steady relationship with a local woman during these years and even fathered a child with her.
Based on what this obviously hurt woman has posted, this Bajan Don Juan has also been up to no good where he works. For this, she labels him a thief and suggests the authorities investigate him.
The woman, who lists a host of things that she did for this man including giving him lots of money, says that she hopes that her going public would cause Bajans to lift their veil of silence about men who take advantage of innocent women like her, who are simply in love.
Outside woman left out
A young woman who horned her former best friend is now the butt of jokes, as the man has left her out and returned to his former lover.
Pudding & Souse understands that the two women were always together and even worked at the same place at the same time. But after the older of the two met this man, the women started drifting apart as the first wanted to spend more time with him.
After several months, the man broke off the relationship with the older one and days later was seen with the younger woman. This caused a big falling out between them because the older woman felt betrayed. So intense were the feelings between them that the two women nearly came to blows.
Ironically, that incident seemed to have jolted the man back into reality, and just after about five weeks of togetherness, he dumped the younger woman and begged the older one for forgiveness. And she took him back.
Now the younger woman has been sidelined by all of her friends for doing what she did, and is being laughed at by everyone who knows about this weird incident.
Riddle me this . . .
A female has a riddle she wants an answer for.
She wants to know why a man who is not married, and never was, would wear a wedding band on his ring finger.
Is it because he uses it to ward off women who don’t know of his status and would not normally talk to a married man?
Or is it that he really does not like women that much and wears it to keep all of them at bay?